Congress & Events

At the heart of our work, we focus on three key concepts that are of great importance in all areas of our activities:

Continuous Development

In true COLUMBUS tradition, development is our top priority. Since 1932, we have gone through more than one development phase and are convinced that our success is based on our willingness to adapt and "move with the times". We not only develop our services and processes, but also our employees, so that we can provide the best possible service for your event.

Innovative Ideas

A boring event where everyone queues up for miserable coffee and hopes it will end soon? Not with us! We are specialists in "out-of-the-box" thinking and know the best new locations and insider tips. Through our large network of partners, we always have exactly the right thing for your event. Whether it's exclusive catering, a unique location, or a fun incentive. Or even all together - why not?


Sustainability is a central pillar of the COLUMBUS Group. The Congress & Events team makes its contribution, among other things, with the Green Meeting license of the Austrian Eco-Label. This allows us to organize and license your event as a "Green Meeting/Green Event", which makes a decisive contribution to resource conservation.


Our team

We know what's going on, what needs to be paid attention to legally, and how to bring fresh air to an event.

How do we do it?

Naturally, through our unique team!

It consists of a mix of experienced members who know the industry inside and out, and young talents who enrich our team with unusual ideas and new perspectives. But enough of general descriptions -  let's introduce ourselves:


Sissy Aschenbach, Managing Director 

More than twenty successful years in the field of congress and event management speak for themselves.

In addition to her exceptional organizational skills, Sissy is also distinguished by her high level of stress resistance. With her motto "Strength lies in calmness", she guarantees our clients a successful and stress-free event. She also always has an open ear for her team and offers not only support but also a strong vision for a successful future.

In her private life, Sissy can be found with her dog in nature or at the occasional wine tasting.


Marie-Therese Bradl, Head of Corporate Meetings

Marie is characterized by her long-standing expertise in the field of corporate meetings, her eye for detail, her ability to see the big picture, and a good dose of humor.

Both our clients and our entire team benefit from her professional, efficient, and warm-hearted nature. In her spare time, Marie enjoys spending time in the sunny Burgenland region or at one of the lakes in the Salzkammergut.


Gudrun Aigner, Head of Corporate Meetings

Gudrun is an absolute pro in the field of corporate meetings and brings a wealth of knowledge about the best hotels in Austria and abroad.

She is not afraid of any challenge and handles meetings with 1,000+ participants with precision, care, and a keen sense of her clients' needs. In her spare time, Gudrun also enjoys expressing her creativity by crafting beautiful greeting cards and gift boxes with great patience.


Theresa Schauppenlehner, Head of Congress

Key factors for the success of a congress include efficient work, accuracy, and effective budgeting. We are fortunate that Theresa excels in these areas.

She always has all the numbers, data, and facts at her fingertips and has a special knack for logistical handling. Coupled with her empathetic personality, this is an asset to our team and of course, our clients.

In her private life, Theresa can often be found in Waidhofen an der Ybbs, where she recharges with her family.


Karin Fussi, Projectmanager

Karin is a true customer-centric professional. She not only impresses with her extensive experience in event and sponsorship management but also captivates with her creative ideas and is a true master of "out of the box" thinking.

She is an exceptional team player, cooperative and communicative, and contributes positively to team dynamics, thus playing a key role in the success of an event.

In her personal life, Karin enjoys cycling or spending time at the yoga studio.


Matthias Scholl, Projectmanager

After completing his tourism education, Matthias gained experience in business travel and tourism, but ultimately fell in love with the congress and event sector.

He is not only highly organized and meticulous, but also possesses the unique talent of always being the first to discover the best new locations.

In his personal life, Matthias can often be found traveling, exploring new cities and countries.


Paula Vidal, Projectmanager

Paula brings extensive experience in corporate meetings to the table and impresses with her perseverance and organizational skills. She meticulously crafts proposals until she is confident that they will wow her clients.

Her open and engaging personality makes it easy for her to build and strengthen relationships with clients and partners.

In her personal life, Paula can be found in her beautiful home in northern Spain, where she enjoys spending time with friends and family.


Anna Pabi, Projectmanager

Anna not only possesses a solid education in tourism and health management but also stands out for her dedication and meticulous work ethic.

In her personal life, Anna is involved in fostering care dogs and enjoys discovering new and exciting locations at after-work events.

Our clients benefit from our strong network of partners and national and international associations in the implementation of their projects.

For example, we cooperate with:

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